Autism Awarness

Autism Awareness
By Staci Lee Schnell, M.S.,C.S., LMFT
April 1, 2014

April is Autism Awareness Month. Learning that your child is affected by Autism can bring a wide array of emotions: shock, grief, fear, denial, anger, acceptance, and much more. Parents can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the diagnosis and unsure where to turn. There are many helpful resources available.

Some Helpful Ideas for Parents:

* Learn about Autism: Learning about Autism Spectrum Disorders, especially the disorder your child has is essential.

* Identify Resources Available: Identifying the resources available in your community can help you fell less alone or overwhelmed. Behavioral pediatricians, therapists, and schools all have strategies to help you meet your child’s individual needs.

* Find Strategies in Raising a Child with Autism: Learn your child’s triggers to minimize melt-downs. Structure and consistent schedules are also helpful to most families.

* Find Support: Individual therapy, family therapy, and/or support groups can be extremely beneficial and helpful for you, as a parent. Getting behavioral, communication and social skills for your child can be helpful in daily life.

* Promote positivity in your family: Teach your child ways they are most likely to get a positive response. Be patient and remain optimistic as your child learns and grows.

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